Observatory, The – Dark Folke / Vinyl 2LP

Observatory Dark Folke Cover

Observatory, The – Dark Folke / Vinyl 2LP

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In July 2009, The Observatory release their fourth album to date, Dark Folke, recently recorded and mixed in Bergen, Norway with their longtime collaborator Jörgen Traaen, well known producer of bands such as Ultralyd, Motorpsycho and Jaga Jazzist.
The CD album is a hardbound book, designed and drawn by metal/hardcore/underground illustrator and designer, Justin Bartlett aka Vberkvlt, the artist behind the wicked art of Sunn O))), Moss, Aura Noir and more.
With a change in musical direction, the math prog rock of The Observatory’s third album A Far Cry From Here has morphed into a fluid mystical beast called Dark Folke.
Most songs have no drums on them. But there is rhythm. Only the type of rhythm associated with an invisible pulse. An implied rhythm.
5 folks sitting around a fire. A metaphorical fire. Chanting for the rain to come.
To shower one with HEXA, a gathering for all dark folke.
“The album feels like a delicate arrangement of shifting textures drawn on a black canvas and then erased.” – Metro Pulse

Label Self-released
Format 2LP 33 1/3 RPM Vinyl
Duration 56 min
Released July 1,2009
Tracklist 1. Omicron (7:42)
2. A Shuffler in the Mud (4:55)
3. Blood Rising (3:11)
4. Ephemeron (7:16)
5. Incastrate (3:41)
6. Invisible Room (3:55)
7. Lowdown (8:11)
8. The Boring (5:40)
9. Decarn (6:02)
10. Mind Roots (5:36)
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